About Billie

I am Billie de Haas, assistant professor Population Studies at University of Groningen in the Netherlands. I have been trained as a demographer and human geographer and have specialised in sexual and reproductive health and rights, including HIV and AIDS. I am interested in people and their interaction with the contexts they live in, from a population, community and individual point of view. To understand behaviour in their contexts, I apply both psychological and anthropological theories around individual decision-making.

As a freelance researcher, I have conducted both qualitative and quantitative research, including field work, literature studies, and data and document analyses, for various (I)NGOs and have provided advice for programme improvements.

My PhD research focused on sexuality education in secondary schools in Uganda. I use qualitative methods and a participatory action approach to study students’ perceptions of gender and romantic and sexual relationships and teachers’ motivations to teach sexuality education. In my research, I pay special attention to the role of culture and personal experiences related to sexuality.

I am an active member of Share-Net Netherlands, the Dutch knowledge platform on sexual and reproductive health and rights, and committed to improve research, policy and practice through interdisciplinary interactions and joint knowledge construction. I am dedicated, pro-active, resourceful, and have good interpersonal communication skills.

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I am committed to use quality research to improve the effectiveness of health interventions, which I believe should focus on what works and the needs of the target population. Through research, I aim to give a voice to people, to connect knowledge, and to contribute to social change. I encourage a participatory action approach to create ownership and empowerment among participants and to enhance uptake of research findings.


University of Groningen

  • PhD research. "Sexuality education in Uganda: Teachers' reasoning in a 'morally upright' context."

University of Groningen

  • Research master in Regional Studies, specialisation Population Studies (cum laude)
  • Master’s thesis nominated for Africa Thesis Award 2010 and 2nd place Herta Macht Thesis Award 2010

University of Groningen

  • Bachelor Human Geography and Planning
  • Minor in Demography


Sexual and reproductive health and rights
Linking research, policy and practice

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