My work on HIV and AIDS has mainly focused on HIV prevention through sexuality education. Furthermore, I have conducted research on the quality of HIV care, harm reduction programmes and outreach strategies for key populations. As an active member of Share-Net Netherlands, the Dutch knowledge platform on SRHR including HIV and AIDS, I stay up-to-date about the latest developments in the international HIV and AIDS sector and engage in knowledge sharing activities with researchers, practitioners and policy makers.

How Billie de Haas can support your organization

I am available for both qualitative and quantitative primary and secondary research, literature studies and document analysis and to provide advice for programme improvements.

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GNP+, Amsterdam

July-September 2016
Online evaluation
Evaluation report of the LIVING 2016 Positive Leadership Summit: develop an evaluation method and tool, analyse the data and produce a report based on the data. 

Aids Fonds, Amsterdam

Sept-Oct 2015
Document analysis
Document analysis of evidence-base ‘Bridging the Gaps’, including development of tips and tricks for outreach strategies for key populations

GNP+, Amsterdam

June-July 2015
Survey analysis
Survey analysis on the quality of HIV care experienced by people living with HIV around the world (as part of the adaptation of the WHO ARV guidelines and the corresponding community consultation) and report on the findings

Mainline Foundation, Amsterdam

June-Oct 2007
Mid-term review
Mid-term review “From Margins to Mainstream 2005-2009. A replicable impact-based programme to reduce poverty and the burdens of poverty in Asia.” Logframe analysis of programme focusing on the reduction of drug use, HIV/AIDS and poverty in Southeast Asia.