Sexuality education

My interest in sexuality education started in 2008 when I became involved in the evaluation of a comprehensive sexuality education programme in Uganda. Thereafter, I started my PhD research on school-based sexuality education in Uganda. I used qualitative methods, including in-depth interviews, focus group discussions and lesson observations, to study both students’ and teachers’ perspectives. In more detail, I studied the role of teachers’ personal experiences with sexuality and their cultural, religious and professional norms and values, and how these motivate the messages they give to students.

Through a participatory action approach, I collaborated with a Dutch and Ugandan NGOs to encourage the uptake of my research findings to improve the implementation of school-based sexuality education. Recommendations were formulated in collaboration with the research participants, NGOs implementing sexuality education in Uganda, and other stakeholders.

How Billie de Haas can support your organization

I believe that sexuality education should be holistic and based on evidence and human rights. I also know that the implementation of sexuality education can be challenging and that holistic approaches aimed at creating an enabling environment are key in increasing the effectiveness of sexuality education. I am available for both qualitative and quantitative primary and secondary research, literature studies and document analysis and to provide advice for programme improvements. Contact Billie for more information.


University of Groningen / Rutgers WPF

PhD research Sexuality education in Uganda: Teachers' reasoning in a 'morally upright' context
Students perceptions of romantic relationships and sexual behaviours and teachers’ motivations to teach sexuality education at secondary schools in Kampala, Uganda, using qualitative research methods and a participatory action approach

Rutgers WPF

Nov 2014
Background paper
Write background paper about, and provide technical advice on, the link between comprehensive sexuality education and population dividend from a human rights perspective in the context of the launch of the UNFPA State of the World Population Report

Rutgers WPF

July-Aug 2014
Report writing
Preparation of an exchange visit for a Burundian delegation to Kenya on comprehensive sexuality education, and report writing on the high lights, lessons learned and the way forward


Sept-Dec 2009
Assistant research officer monitoring and evaluation
Assistance in evaluation data analysis of comprehensive sexuality education programme in Kenya, Uganda, Thailand, and Indonesia


Jan-Oct 2008
Coordination of outcome evaluation
Consultant outcome evaluation of comprehensive sexuality education programme in Uganda. Coordination of administering baseline- and outcome questionnaires among 2,000 adolescents at 48 secondary schools in Uganda in order to measure the effects of comprehensive sexuality education programme “World Starts With Me”. Tasks included training and coordination of research assistants, coordination of data collection and data entry

University of Groningen

Feb-June 2008
Data collection
Data collection for master’s thesis in Uganda. In-depth interviews and Focus Group Discussions with students at a secondary school in Kampala, Uganda.